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Steel Shed Frames

Structural Steel Framed Sheds



All our sheds are made with our welded structural frames. They are made either from  welded angle iron or square or rectangular hollow section (SHS or RHS). Because the trusses are welded, our sheds are stronger than bolted c-section sheds. We prefer more steel in a shed as this determines its life span and strength against high winds. We also use a monoform purlin or RHS member for roof and wall girths. These are much stronger then the much used Top Hats (or roof battens). Our monoform purlin will also hide the teks screws from the roof. Just check out a shed that uses Top Hats as purlins and you'll see how ugly it looks to see all the tek screws sticking out. An added bonus is that you can use the monoform to run electrical cabling through for lighting and power points so you do not have to spend extra money on conduits (required if you use Top Hat 64s).


We can also make just trusses and columns should you be looking at extending your shed.

Come and talk to our advisers on how we can accomplish your ideas for you!


Shed Shed Frames layed out
Shed frame in progress
Shed Framed assembled
Old School Sheds Perth

This is the old school way of making sheds. A strong structural steel frame is the basis of our sheds and the reason why in the last 20 years none of our sheds blew over.

Steel Shed Frame 01| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 02| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 03| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 04| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 05| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 06| Coastline Sheds
Steel Shed Frame 07| Coastline Sheds
Loose Steel Trusses & Columns Perth

Yes we can also just make 1 truss for you and some columns to extends your shed or to replace an old timber truss. Speak to one of our consultants. We are happy to help out and do not turn customers away because the job is too small.

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