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Our quality sets us apart from the rest. If you are looking for a strong tough shed made out of welded angle iron or rectangular hollowed steel (RHS) trusses that will stand the test of time, then come and talk to us.

We have been market leaders in high quality welded truss sheds since 1996. The proof is in the fact that over 80% of our orders come via word of mouth. Based on the west coast of Australia and operating for over 25 years, we are now one of the oldest shed companies in Perth. A shed is more then a pack of tin, so talk to the experts who have actually been custom designing and building sheds in Perth for over 25 years.

About Us

Our Vision


Coastline Sheds is committed to staying the market leader in high quality and tough sheds in Perth. We custom design, engineer & fabricate your shed so it can be customised to suit your needs. Coastline Sheds will never compromise on quality and integrity.


Keys to success:

  • Commitment to a high quality product.

  • Experienced people who ensure the sheds are properly designed and fabricated.

  • Quality assured products.

  • Long term relationships with our clients, suppliers, engineers and shires.


What We Offer vs Other Shed Suppliers


Where do you still find a shed builder in Perth that builds your shed at their own premises? Where do you find a shed builder that is still family owned and operated? Where do you find a shed builder that still makes an old school shed with welded A-frame trusses and solid columns? Coastline Sheds is where!


Unfortunately the trend in the sheds of today is that the frames are made from C purlins. While the old school sheds have solid structural frames that have stood the test of time, these new C purlin sheds cannot say the same. Just read through websites like!


In addition, the installation time frame for a purlin shed can take up to 3 times as long as a structural steel shed and that means a big difference in installation cost. Once the frame of our sheds is up and footings concreted, the shed is secure, while a purlin shed could stay unstable until the last sheet is on.


In contrast to other shed builders, all our trusses are welded in our own workshop. They are made from either welded angle iron or rectangular hollow section (RHS) structural steel. We might - in an old fashioned way - over engineer the quantity and quality of our steel, but as a result we supply a structurally sound shed that lasts our customers for many years.



Company Profile


Coastline Sheds started in Armadale, Perth (WA) way back in 1996 and was founded on the principles of commitment, quality, honesty, service, and competitive pricing. We specialise in custom designing, engineering and fabricating all kinds of sheds, from farm sheds to granny flats.

Our commitment to be the market leader in supplying high quality sheds with competitive pricing drives us to provide excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service for all of our customers. That is why 80 per cent of our work is coming through word of mouth - you know that your shed will be second to none.


As owner René said: “We built the sheds for the fathers, now we are building them for their sons and soon their grandsons will follow. While the dads would just look us up knowing where we are located, we know the grandsons will try to find us on Google and Facebook. Hence we also started a Facebook page based on fun around the 'Shedoholics Anonymous'” (


In July 2014 we were awarded a 2014 Service Award based on the reviews of our customers on, and have since gone on to be awarded a 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Service Award as well.  In November 2014 we won the Excellence in Small Business Award 2014 from the Business Armadale Association in recognition of our outstanding contribution as a small business in the Armadale community.


You have our assurance that all our trusses are engineered the old fashion way within our very own workshop. We follow and exceed the industry standards for all the sheds we construct to maintain the superiority of our manufactured sheds.


We also distribute our sheds in WA through a group of distributors in country towns and around the metro area for our growing clientele. Whether you require a small or large shed for private or commercial use, Coastline Sheds will customise the right shed for you!


For more information visit us at our premises at 18 Keates Road Armadale, call us on 9497 8832 or contact one of our distributors.

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